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Roasted red bell pepper and eggplant spread on top of soft flatbread (sfiha).

A beef and tomato patty mixed with smoked paprika and pomegranate molasses.

A pie filled with sauteed kale and onion, topped with freshly-squeezed lemon and sumac.

An original Greek recipe of feta cheese and spinach complemented with Greek wild mountain oregano.

A rich and tangy cheese bread made with a combination of old-fashioned ricotta, mozzarella, and sheep gorgonzola, and a dash of chives.

Aleppo pepper spice

An authentic za'atar blend of zaatar herb (Origanum Syracum) sumac, sesame seeds, olive oil, coriander, and salt.

A pack of 4 sourdough pita, made country-style for a rustic wholesome flavor.

A soft whole wheat flatbread, with lightly charred spots on the crust that add flavor and contrast.

Focaccia topped with an authentic Lebanese Za'atar mix, crusted with Spanish olive oil.

A traditional cheese that is common in the eastern coast nations. Made from sheep's milk. A Semi-hard cheese that has a tangy flavor with the right amount of saltiness.

Savory, creamy, and tangy yogurt cheese. A slower straining technique is used resulting in a more intense, rich, and sour flavor than store-bought labne.

A traditional hummus recipe of simple ingredients (chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and garlic) with a focus on the quality of ingredients and method of preparation.